Welcome to Education Solutions and Services; thank you for joining us. Our firm has extensive successful experience in instruction, analysis and planning. Our mission is to provide the services and tools for your business as you prepare for future success. We are a purpose-driven, character-based organization that has one goal in mind...Your success

Leadership Training
Our firm has helped develop and train personel in all facets of leadership, instruction, and operations. We can provide online, web-based training, or a blended combination to the individuals or groups that will help you maximize resources and achieve maximum results.

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Construction Management
Education Solutions and Services has extensive experience in analyzing current facilities, planning future facilities, and managing construction and programs. Our associates have assisted in the construction and renovation of more than a billion dollars worth of school, city, and government facilities.

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Professional Development
Education Solutions and Services has extensive experience in finance and operations of school districts. Our associates have provided successful oversight and planning for annual budgets of more that $50 million and managed assets worth more than $500 million.

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Executive Searches
Service organizations are driven by Personnel. The delivery of services by highly qualified and prepared people are the key to premier organizations. Our firm has extensive experience in recruitment, selection, and training of Personnel. We use no canned programs, services or stables of applicants.

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