Coaching & Mentoring Services
Coaches are external support, mentors internal. Any administrative position is a challenge. As the supervisor you are there to support and mentor from inside the district. You are the supervisor, we can supply your new administrator outside support – a coach. EdSaS can offer you customized coaching for your new administrator!
  • EdSaS will work with you to match the coach with your staff member.
  • EdSaS allows you to choose the amount and type of support – on site, electronic, phone.
  • EdSaS staff of practical experienced educators allow you to choose areas of growth based on the needs of your administrator and district.
  • The assigned coach will bring in other experts as needed.
  • Your administrator will have an extended network of support.
  • You will have a more successful, less stressed administrator!
  • General Topics
    • Budget
    • Personal
    • Time Management
    • Separating urgent issues from important issues.
    • Legal Pitfalls
    • Public Relations
    • Crisis Planning
  • Principal Specific Topics
    • Walkthroughs
    • Extra Curricular
  • Special education personnel specific topics.
    • Legal
    • Suggested procedures for ARDS.
    • Record Retention
    • Adequate
    • Federal Programs specific topics.
    • Application
    • Program Review
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