Planning Staffing Ratio Review
Staffing reviews are intended to assist the district in the organization and assignment of staff to accomplish the core mission of the district in as efficient a method as possible. Our goal is always to have the academic mission of the district as the top priority. Staff studies begin with an entrance interview with the current Superintendent of the District. During this meeting we will finalize the expectations for the scope of work as discussed prior to the presentation of a proposal. Staff reviews are to focus on positions and provide recommendations. No recommendations on individual personnel are intended. If any irregularities or concerns are revealed during the review, they will be immediately reported to the Superintendent. Salary and stipend information is included only where the information is generally known and accepted in the field. The salaries are assumed to be averages and reflect total cost to the district including benefits, TRS, etc. The term FTE is used to represent a full time equivalent position.

Following the entrance interview, EdSaS staff will meet with supervisory staff, according to availability, to determine staff usage and potential areas of efficiency improvement. EdSaS uses a common set of interview questions for all staff. Every effort will be made to be as least disruptive as possible to the academic environment of the district.

Education Solutions and Services staff is happy to provide a proposal to complete a staff study customized to the needs of the district. References are available upon request.
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